The House

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Domino Recording Co
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First of all: this album would fit nicely against a visual of someone swimming under water in slow motion. (also there are a lot of references to water in the lyrics)

The House is comprised of snippets of bangers, but often times feels like the songs are cut off a little short.  Nevertheless, they are quite catchy using synths and simple drum beats.  This album differs from his previous work in the sense that it feels overall a bit more melancholy and emotional.  The lyrics show a more personal side of Aaron Maine (artist behind Porches) which is refreshing to listen to.  The album is kind of in segments, there will be a string of songs, then sort of an interlude, then another string of songs and so on.  Maine’s voice, as always, sounds eerily beautiful against the music, especially in the first song off the album, “Leave the House”. Overall, a solid Porches album.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Empress Of
Sounds Like: 
Com Truise
Recommended Tracks: 
#2 “Find Me”- Eerie lyrics and vocals put against an extremely catchy/synthy chorus - a BANGER
#8 “Anymore” - immediately makes you wanna bop your head and get your groove on
#10 “Goodbye” - Piano + Synth is a THING! Starts out slow then has a majestic build up, one of those beautiful sad songs
Gabby Ranger
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