More Disco Songs About Love

De Lux
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Innovative Leisure
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The tracks on this album definitely do not disappoint in the upbeat, twirl around your room while you listen to them department. The beats are easy to bop around to, and very catchy, and are coupled by synth elements that are very fun to listen to. The lyrics about love are relatable, funny, and very memorable. The disco-esque tracks are modernized, and the entire album definitely merits the label of "groovy." The record is everything you could want in an album titled "More Disco Songs About Love."

Sounds Like: 
Portugal. The Man
Sounds Like: 
Holy Ghost!
Recommended Tracks: 
875 Dollars: Definitely a good opener track for the album, very dance-y and upbeat
Cause For Concern: A great guitar melody, upbeat and has a fade-in that holds your attention
Chloe Hislop
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