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King Gizzard And the Lizard Wizard
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ATO records
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Eh, Theyre alright. Repetitive. better than some of the albums we get so you may as well play it. It sounds like some incredibly experimental stuff, but only in that they take a new theme for each song, track 4, Muddy water is pretty good and does a great job making the vocalists sound better. Is great if you want some repetitive background music to mix with something else, is even better if you want to lead up to a slightly more popular artist, is amazing if you wish to compare and contrast the general floofery that is alt as a genre, truly taking an album like this, that explores numerous concepts in music as a proof of concept and comparing it to a band like coldplay, which stays in a central vein with its music you can see how diverse a set you can find in the genre. I suggest track 4, once again, because I truly believe that it was the best track on this album, and even if I dislike the rest, the violin usage in muddy waters is truly enjoyable.

Sounds Like: 
Syd Barit era Pink floyd
Sounds Like: 
Beatles late
Recommended Tracks: 
Track 4 Muddy water, it sounds like irish folk with electronica influence, pretty good, the violin was a nice touch.
Track 9 all is known, alright, pretty catchy, sounds more mainstream.
Matthew Owen
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