Awfully Apeelin'

Happy Fits
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Self Released
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Darn Good Album.

is a very versatile band, Vocalist can hit the highs and mellow with the lows, truly, a great vocal symphony is present in all of the songs. The band has upbeat songs for the first two tracks and some more somber numbers after, track 7, is great, but it has the F bomb. If you enjoyed the upbeat vibes of Saint Motels Cold Cold Man, then you will be an instant fan of the happy fits. if you enjoy eing happy occassionally, this is the band for you. when the world external has turned so very very cold, I curl up in bed with my music device and track 7 and feel infinitely better about the state of the world. I suggest combining this with 3 other songs off the same album just back to back.

Sounds Like: 
Saint Motel
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
Track 1 - Too Late, a great song with power vocals and a strong story line
Track 2 - While you Fade Away- a rockin' Jam that gets you bobbin'
Track 6- Drink Live at diamond stadium - Deep emotion and interesting depths
Matthew Owen
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