Of Light and Shadows

Hristo Vitchev Quartet
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Hristo Vitchev
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The Hristo Vitchev Quartet are made up talented musicians Hristo Vitchev on guitar, Jasnam Daya Singh on piano, Dan Robbins on bass, and Mike Shannon on drums. It is obvious in their album Light and Shadows the great amount of passion they have for jazz and dedication to playing it. The quartet works well together, each play beautifully without overcoming the other. However, the guitar is the generally the mainstage feature. This album is very jazzy, with little funk or blues influence. While the jazz does sound modern, there is nothing incredibly new about it. The album is not unoriginal, but it is not groundbreaking either. However, I really did enjoy listening to Of Light and Shadows simply because the music was so professional and clean sounding. Hristo Vitchev played the guitar smooth as butter and Mike Shannon kept the fast rhythms impeccably. Many of the songs are very long, as typical in jazz pieces, so they might be hard to play on the radio. However, it is possible to play excerpts of the songs. The ends of the pieces tended to be very repetitive. This album was fresh and different than what I usually listen to. My favorite track is “The Shortest Wavelength” because it switches up the tempo a lot and has a cool bass line.


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Mike Moreno
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Jonathan Kreisberg
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Peter Bernstein
Recommended Tracks: 
2. The Shortest Wavelength: tempo switches up and cool bass line (5:15)
6. Prelude to Prismic Dance: fast, nice piano (1:57)
8. Portrait of a Love Forgotten: slow, but really pretty (6:54)
Grace Penry
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