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Yaeji is a Korean-American producer who defies the stereotypical sound of korean pop. Her music is a mix of house and hip hop, and this album has consistent beats in the background as she raps or sings along. The vocals are in both korean and english, however the two languages transition seamlessly. The deep bass and her lower voice makes each track easy to listen to while maintaining the feeling of dance music/hip hop. This album also includes a remix/cover of passionfruit by Drake, maintaining the famous beat but adding her own muted vocals. It's just as catchy as the originial but a little more chill and ambient. I would consider her music more chill for hip hop, but it still has catchy off-beats, bass, and house-like vibes. 

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dj seinfeld
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passionfruit: ambient, chill
drink i'm sippin on: slow but deep sounds
Nicole Kim
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