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Watain’s new album is very intense black metal. The sound is very reminiscent of 1349 but still brings a lot of new elements. Overall the whole sound is gritty, fast paced and atmospheric. Because of the echo in the vocals and guitars, this almost sounds like a live album. Always with a tinge of demonic and eerie elements, the album bring heavy dark metal that’s perfect for a mosh pit or jamming out. All of these songs are radio friendly except for track 7 “Antikrists Mirakel” which is about seven minutes long.

The vocals are intense and demonic sounding, with creepy yet intriguing sounds. Håkan Jonsson, the drummer, has an incredibly rhythm and keeps the pace of the songs perfectly. He does his job as drummer perfectly, he keeps pace yet makes a statement doing it. This is just such a really cool album.

My only complaint with this album is that it’s hard to listen to in all one sitting and it’s hard to listen to through headphones. Like many other black metal bands, their sound is perfect really in an open air scenario, live or just played through big speakers. With that being said, this is a fantastic album and no disappointment to the metal community. 

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3. Teufelsreich (4:27) - creepy, gritty and atmospheric
5. A Throne Down Below (5:10) - fast paced, amazing drums and just great to listen to
Alexis Walker
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