With Doom We Come

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Napalm Records
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Summoning is a band I had never heard of until I did this review. Upon a quick google search, I found that they have been around since 1995 and draw inspiration from the Lord of the Rings and other fantasy stories. Their albums apparently tell some sort of epic fantasy story. With Doom We Come is their newest album and just dropped about 2 weeks ago. 

I really did not like this album that much. I generally do like doom metal, but this just didn't cut it.

My main qualms came from the mixing on this album. The mix was shit on almost every track. The guitar is a little too thin and tinny, and sounds droning. In doom, a droning guitar tone is usually ok, but the guitar tone on this record was just too far gone. The bass is inaudible, and I was left wondering if there even is a bass guitar playing at all. The vocals are too quiet and not present enough; it sounded as if the singer was singing through a blanket. I really did like the vocalist's tone and delivery, but his growls were often hidden behind the guitar. The drums sound ok, but the snare has way too much reverb and the drummer sounds like he is allergic to cymbals. I feel like the album could benefit if someone went back and re EQ'd everything.

Despite all the shade that I just threw at this album, it did have some redeeming qualities. To go with with the LOTR vibe, most of the songs had cool synthesizer parts that sounds really folky and pretty awesome. For a metal band, Summoning seems to have a keen sense of melody, and this album had many good melody and harmony parts. Occasionally, they even brought in some chanting, string sections, acoustic guitar, and I thought I even heard some horns. As said previously, the vocals were actually quite good. 

Maybe you will like this album more than me; check it out!

Sounds Like: 
Electric Wizard + Nightwish + bad mixing
Recommended Tracks: 
6. Night Fell Behind: good melody and guitar riff, the mix sounds decent
Nate Smith
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