Mi Mundo

Brenda Navarrete
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Alma Records
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            Mi Mundo by Brenda Navarrate is a fresh sounding Cuban jazz album. Navarrete is an Afro-Cuban drummer, vocalist, and dancer. She fills Mi Mundo with Afro-Cuban inspired rhythm. The main components of the album are her voice and her drums. On all the tracks you can hear piano, electric guitar or saxophone, but they are more in the background, not foreground. Along with her clear, yet throaty vocals, she harmonizes with a background chorus. The songs sound like chants. I think they are beautiful in their simplicity. Although the songs are in Spanish, Navarrete’s strong vocals carry you through the parts you don’t understand. Overall, it is obvious that this woman has talent. Navarrete clearly pulls from Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz, but she makes the genre her own. My favorite track, “Taita Bilongo” makes you want to dance. It also sounds romantic though, kind of like of a tango. I am not sure exactly how to describe it, but the song has ‘attitude’. Another fun track is A Ochun, which is incredibly fast-paced. Overall, even if you don’t like Latin Jazz, give this album a try because she is the kind of musician where you can feel her smile/passion in her music. 

Sounds Like: 
Habana C
Sounds Like: 
Alberto Valdes
Sounds Like: 
Regina Hey
Recommended Tracks: 
2 Rumbero Como Yo: cool rhythm and guitar (3:19)
7 Taita Bilongo: fun to dance to, has attitude (3:42)
10 A Ochun: very fast paced, like incredibly fast (4:58)
Grace Penry
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