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Compassion Gorilla
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The Compassion Gorilla band’s album Coalese inspires community, opening their CD the first thing you see is their appreciation for their own; “This recording was produced on the territories of the Lekwungen and Wsanec peoples. We are continually grateful to exist on these lands, to be inspired and make music.” The album carries over this gracious vibe. 

The Dirty Water the first track on the Coalesce record starts of tense, and high energy with an even tangy drum. The song however does not build but slides into added percussion softening the instrumentals, violin comes in and really soothes the mood. Emotionality builds within the instrumentals and then a chorus of male voices comes out. The mood and melody familiar and comforting like camp songs around a fireplace. I personally am was not a fan of the male voices nor the simplistic chorus but the instrumentals make me enjoy track 1 regardless. The rest of the album contains similar threads, up beat cheerful melodies, male vocalists, camp fire tones and moods a hint or mariachi, and beautiful instrumentals. If you appreciate mariachi, orchestral or any well executed use of a violin and harmony you should check out this album.  If you want to dance and shout you should check out this album. 

Sounds Like: 
Juan Bay
Sounds Like: 
Sarah Feldman
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03-Music for the People
05-The Sun Was Coming Up
06-Son Del Mar
Ellery Page
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