Hola - Single

Flo Rida (feat. Maluma)
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¡Hola! After kicking off 2017 with the release of “Cake” (then becoming the first American rapper to own a juice company) Flo Rida is back with a new single, teasing the release of his forthcoming, currently-untitled fifth album with “Hola”. It’s a latin-tinged radio pop banger featuring Spanish languages verses from Maluma and a chorus from Flo Rida about how he doesn’t speak Spanish. Yup, the conceit of the lyrics are literally that he finds a woman attractive and doesn’t speak her language, but it’s cool because body language. It’s nonsense, but you don’t listen to Flo Rida for the conceptual lyrics, you listen because his songs are the gum that your brain steps in. Make no mistake, this song has major potential to top the charts, especially in areas where Latin pop already dominates. After a few listens it’s already stuck in the head of this Latin pop-novice. There’s something surprisingly witty in its phrasing of “Hola, oh la la” (it doesn’t come through in text form), and I can already imagine it slaying in clubs. I wish its featured singer was as memorable as Sia in “Wild Ones”, but according to YouTube and Genius comments I’m in the minority here. Listen to it yourself and argue with me. ¡Adiós!

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Radio pop
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1 Hola: This is the only song.
Andrew Boring
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