Some Reason

Hazey Eyes
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Hazey Eyes is back with their second EP, Some Reason; and it is an interesting journey that appears quick and simple, but actually has so much complexity behind it. The title track, which also happens to be the opener, introduces itself with a soft pianos and blippy synths (kind of like the style Owl City found on Ocean Eyes). This sound, found all throughout the song, definitely feels familiar...and actually does convey a hazy feeling. So I guess I could say that Hazey Eyes certainly lives up to their name. Furthermore, "Some Reason" manages to blend traditional instruments with electronic ones, including an intentionally off-beat dubstep bass; and the guest singer, FEELDS, offers vocals that fit right into place with the song's style. "Love Is" is a track that has an upbeat sound, which, ironically, does not match up with the lyrics; and I think that is the true genius behind this song. When the vocalist, who may or may not be Hazey Eyes themself, sings about not knowing what love is, which goes against the seemingly upbeat tune of the instruments, the result is a song that is truly confused about its nature. To be honest, I have never heard another song that truly captures these feelings as well as "Love Is" does. The more I continued listening to this EP, the more familiar sounds I noticed were coming back to me; and "Skyline" is a good example. Cheery mallets and elevated vocals seemed to momentarily revive the sound of pop music that could have been found back in 2007. Although it was the last track, "Run For" manges to stand its own ground. The vocalist sings about searching for oneself, and possibly about breakup as well, and it is delivered in a way that reminds me of a few songs from Dear Evan Hansen. Overall, Some Reason is brilliantly written and is a great example of how words and music work together to convey complex thoughts and feelings.


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The M Machine
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Some Reason: A creative mix of electronic and traditional instruments, layered underneath captivating vocals from FEELDS. (5/5)
Love Is: A song that truly captures what "not knowing" is. Blending upbeat sounds with melancholy lyrics. (5/5)
Nick Ramos
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