Inner Space

Cosmic Knot
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Track Eleven
Bill Chrysler's Third Coast Recording Co.
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This album is a transcendental piece, put together by Tom Wall and his peers at the Third Coast Recording Co.. Tom says writing it, he was inspired by the sounds of nature, and tried to make those his influence for the sounds, and goes on to explain that the progression of the tracks is like the progression of time or the seasons, from the birds in spring to the winds of winter. The album is very fluid, the smoothness being reminiscent of some jazz influence, while every other second it takes your breath away with a smooth transition into a new sound, whether loud and plucky, or funky jazz. The entirety of the album is an experience, the passion I feel culminates most in The Fool's Blues, or The Only Way Out, which shows a diverse and widely varied range of sounds. This is hands down one of the best introductions one can have into the world of world jazz and experimental music, so I'd highly recommend giving it a groovy listening to.

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It's wholly unique, but one could compare him to other jazz or blues artists.
Recommended Tracks: 
The Only Way Out
The Fool's Blues
Kenny Bartz
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