Mr. Davis

Gucci Mane
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Atlantic Records
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  1. Work in Progress (Intro)- **** - Gucci begins the track introducing himself, as if we needed an introduction. A short recap of his childhood to current living situation, attributing part of his success to being kicked out of his home as a youth, lamenting deaths of his family members and close friends, while briefly reflecting on how his time in jail has changed him and had an impact on his relationships. This concise intro track could give a hip hop or trap loving neophyte enough insight into Gucci’s life to become a fan even if this is their first listen.   

  2. Back On- *** - Signature “It’s Gucci” & “Brrrr”,  In this track reaffirms he’s “Back On” or back in the streets and has returned from prison. He makes various braggadocious claims about being “the best to ever do it”, “self-made and independent”, taking the women of other men, and being hard as ever. He asserts he’s still carrying a weapon, but may no longer be selling drugs like Gucci Mane of the past. The song is catchy, but he’s not giving us much in terms of heavy hitting bars on this track, and the hook really carries the entire song.

  3. I Get the Bag (feat. Migos)- ***** - I would give this track 10 stars if I could. It’s so Atlanta it hurts, and I mean that in the best way. This track is all about being a successful drug dealing, highly attractive promiscuous women, and dodging the police while flexing on everyone. The beat is slow but not too slow and will undoubtedly have you bouncing or bopping your head, it’s so wavy and TRAP gold. Both Gucci and Migos speed up their rap styles a bit in this song, giving us fun one-liners, and blessing us with an infectious hook.

  4. Stunting Ain’t Nuthin (feat. Slim Jxmmi & Young Dolph) - **** - This track is all up in your face with that true bass-boosted dirty south sound Atlanta is known for! The chorus and first verse go to Slim Jxmmi who absolutely bodies this beat, delivering cleverly deliberate lines with unconventional references that the rapper is pretty well known for. The second verse goes to Gucci who gives a brief resume of all the money he’s earning, his spending, and calls himself the G.O.A.T.. The third verse is brought to us by Young Dolph where he displays his absolutely savagery towards the disposable women in his life, alludes to a love of drinking lean, and even stops to laugh at some of his more comedic lines.

  5. Curve (feat. The Weeknd) - **** -The Weeknd lends his silky and sensual vocals to this track and, although it seems like a weird match, it works fantastically. The song begins with a brief intro followed by a verse and chorus by The Weeknd that talks about what The Weeknd knows best: sex, sexy women, and dudes hating on his impeccable style. The beat’s instrumentation falls out a bit for Gucci to deliver his verse. This song is fun and different from a lot of trap that’s out today.

  6. Enormous (feat. Ty Dolla)- **** - I’m definitely biased when it comes to this track because I LOVE Ty Dolla $ign who talk-sings the hook which contains the Enormous several times referring to a huge bag of money before delivering a short verse about strippers and having swag. Gucci’s rap style in this song is really laid-back and gives the entire song a super cool boss vibe. Gucci talks about his sex game, expensive brands, an taking trips.

  7. Members Only - *** - Solo on this track, Gucci talks about all the work he’s put in from when he was trapping and outlines who the “members” are that he made this specific song for. The saving grace for this track for me was the trap piano synth that the producer used. The sound of the keys gave it something interesting to balance out the lethargically delivered repetitious hook.

  8. Money Make Ya Handsome- ***** - Gucci takes a swing at singing in this track and honestly it’s fire! His sing-songy/talk thing he has going on in this track is a nice contrast from the rest of the tracks heard up to this point on the album. He talks about his bank account complementing his looks and sex life, how desperate women are to get next to him, and how no one can compete with him. The guitar in this song also shreds and was a very memorable feature in this track.  

  9. Changed (feat. Big Sean) - ***** - Following the theme of the album, this track begins with a chorus from rapper Big Sean where he says he has changed despite many around him probably wanting him to have stayed the same. The song goes on with a verse from Gucci where he touches on his addiction to lean, his new addiction to money, and his intentions to marry his fiance. Big Sean contributes a verse as well reflecting on how he’s changed to become a stronger person and artist.

  10. We Ride (feat. Monica) - ***** - One of the more romantic tracks on the album, this song is clearly for his now wife and model Keyshia Ka’oir who held him down when he was in prison. Monica’s vocals are beautiful and filled with passion on this track while she delivers the chorus with the help of Gucci that asserts no matter what problems the couple face they will overcome. Gucci’s verses reflect on all the negativity the couple has endured and how thankful he for his significant other as well as hinting at their upcoming nuptials and how she’s changed him for the better.

  11. Lil Story (feat. ScHoolboy Q) - ***** - Super trappy. Gucci and ScHoolboy are a match made in heaven on this track! Gucci raps about his extensive bank account though he’s just been released from prison, rappers wishing he would collab with him, and how even though he no longer traps he’s still quick with the strap. ScHoolboy Q has a similar theme for his verse and reflects on gangbanging and not being “able to afford a blunt”, while also boasting about his current monetary success.

  12. Tone It Down (feat. Chris Brown) - ***** - R&B heavy-hitter Chris Brown lends his signature vocals to the track showing his versatility and helping to make this track become a crossover banger. This track is a party in itself with it’s strategic changes in tempo throughout, use of flute, and heart-rate increasing bassline. Gucci’s verses revolve around club life and the extravagant ways he shows off his wealth.

  13. Make Love (feat. Nicki Minaj) - **** - This song is all about an extreme love of money and somewhat personifies it. The song sounds like it’s dripping with lean. Gucci lists off what he spends his money on, how happy making money makes him, and how money can act as an aphrodisiac. Nicki Minaj follows her usual rap troupe taking aim at a faceless and assumably female opponent making threats, laughing at her inadequacies, and reiterating in what ways Nicki is superior. Her rap seems like it’s supposed to be attacking Remy Ma, as the two have had hella beef this year.

  14. Money Piling - *** - In this track, Gucci again expounds on all the ways he receives revenue in order to have his money piling, noting that drug dealing used to be a main source of income, but is no longer relevant in his life.

  15. Jumped Out the Whip (feat. A$AP Rocky) - **** - This track is definitely trap but has a little bit of an East Coast/NY vibe as well thanks to A$AP. It’s a nice slimy beat. The premise of the song is talking about hopping out of a nice ass car with a bad bitch that looks better than everyone else. Gucci and A$AP trade bars about fashion, drugs, hoes, and money.

  16. Miss My Woe (feat. Rico Love)- **** - This track is the epitome of reflection for this retrospective album. Gucci reflects on friends and family members that have died, are currently incarcerated, and even touches on his own imprisonment. Gucci references his significant other again and the way she held him down while he was locked up. He gives us an uncharacteristically deep and honest insight into his mental health in this song as well, alluding that not everything is always as it seems. Rico Love lends his tasteful vocals to the track lamenting said woes and vowing to get out of the negative situation of imprisonment.

  17. Made It (Outro) - **** - Aptly named, the last track on the album is called “Made It (Outro)” and solidly confirms the introduction of a new version of Gucci Mane known as Mr. Davis. Though brief, the track talks about his rise to fame on the coattails of drug dealing and murder, how an addiction to lean almost ruined his relationship and life, how he almost lost his mind in prison, and how he has begun to evolve since his release.

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Yo Gotti
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2 Chainz
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3. I Get the Bag (feat. Migos) EXPLICIT
10. We Ride (feat. Monica) EXPLICIT
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