Tuned Out Tour

Party Favor
Concert Date: 
Fri, 10/13/2017
Age Restriction: 
Rialto Theatre

There's nothing like escaping the stress of studying for exams like heading down to the Rialto for a night of great music. We arrived right in the middle of the opener, TWO OWLS's set, and we're welcomed with bangers after bangers. I had never heard of the LA-based electronic duo before this initial experience, but I was pleasantly surprised by the environment they were creating from the start. They played lots of hard, dubstep-influenced tracks that got the fairly small initial crowd charged with energy, even to the point of a few mosh pits breaking out. I enjoyed the hard energy of their set, but my favorite song they played was their final track, which is actually a recent release of theirs that has much more of a future bass style. I now know the song is titled “Daylight” and it’s a song they created with KLAXX featuring the singing talents of Blake Rose. Hearing it for the first time live to end their set was amazing. The drop in this song is spectacular and really caught me off guard because it was so stylistically different than most of what they had been playing earlier in the set. TWO OWLS was definitely a pleasant surprise to start the night.

Up next, my favorite artist out of the three going into the night, KRANE, was coming out, and boy did he come out with fire. He played an amazing set of future bass, trap, and overall hard, yet pretty songs. He took the energy that TWO OWLS created initially and really rode with it, playing many of my favorite original and remix works of his including “Fall Apart” and his remix of Cashmere Cat’s “9 (After Coachella)”. KRANE’s set was great because he played a great mix of hype future bass and trap music, mixed in with the occasional rap song. He walked the line of playing bangers, playing pretty songs, playing popular songs well, and ultimately played a fantastic set. I just wished he would have played a few more of his own songs, like my favorite song of his that he did with Keys N Krates, “Right Here”.

Last up, the headliner, Party Favor, unveiled his awesome stage structure and jumped right into his set. His stage structure was made up what looked like 20 analog TV sets, with screens on each one, and with the big screen in the back too. The visuals for his show were absurd: lots of bright colors, babies, morphing faces. They were just crazy. They matched the music pretty well though. He played a very bright, energetic set that reminded me Major Lazer’s hard dance style. He played lots of trap music, mixed in with popular songs. Party Favor himself was bouncing around on stage too, adding to the energy of the set. While I don’t personally enjoy this style of electronic music as much, I still had a great time during this set because of the pure energy and fun and created with the set, from the music, visuals, and his own involvement in it. After the show, he stayed around for bit talking to and taking pictures with fans too, which was really cool. Overall, the Tuned Out Tour event at the Rialto was a night a great music run really well once again by the Rialto. This concert gave me respect for Party Favor, introduced me to TWO OWLS, and reaffirmed my love for KRANE.

Zack Estes