Ozy Reigns
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After a brief hiatus from his last LP, Ozy Reigns has come out with the wide-ranging, EP, "Sunborn". Reigns states the EP is "a dedication to all who strive to live their dreams", as the EP works to inspire the struggles of the hustlers and dreamers around the world. It's demonstrated with the EP's alternative hip-hop vibes, perhaps straying from the mainstream, but more personal and meaningful for the audiences who are listening. 
Ozy Reigns has kept in touch with his roots. It is evident by the sounds of soul music and the Atlanta hip scene. He hails from Georgia but has pushed himself to move far from where he came from. Now in Los Angeles, Ozy has shown the growth in his sound both through mature introspection but production quality as well. 
The EP features a variety of producers, most notably Illastrate, who brought a major creative influence to various songs on the EP. This EP revolves around a theme of inspiration, Reign states to "shine like Earth revolves around you". Through the album, Reigns uses examples from his life to share his story. He ties parallels from his experience to reflect on a wider metaphor for the listener.
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Mos Def
Sounds Like: 
Talib Kweli
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Out the Hole: Reminiscent of Brenda's Got a Baby.
Ur Mines: Super soulful bass line.
Amit Sen
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