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Eighteenth Street Lounge
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Overall, Ursula 1000's Galleria is a very good album. The title track, "Galleria" as well as "I Just Came 2 Dance" give off a very energetic, club mix kind of song. "Fiorucci" is a fun song and reminds of a older version of EDM with the vocals giving a seductive vibe for the whole song. "Cafecito" has all the sounds heard in a cafe but with the vibe of taking an adventure in a jungle. "Just Between Us" is the song you listen to when you are going through a hard time with your significant other. "Feel It" is something that can be heard at a 80's club bar. The album is definitely worth the listen -- 10/10! Note: All the songs range from 4-5 minutes.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
1. Galleria: Hit up the club kind of song
5. Cafecito: Mix of drinking your coffee at a cafe in the middle of a jungle
8. Just Between Us: Relieve your stress!
Joann Kohng
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