Love and Loyalty

Non-Airable Tracks: 
track 12
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     On the very first track MNsota, all I hear is easygoing R&B meets Reggae meets Hip-Hop beat infused with strong female vocals from Fancy that are reminiscent of Lauryn Hill of the Fugees. I have instantly fallen in love with this band’s music. Plus, the male singer (Envy) can rap like NAS or any other Bronx-based rapper that I have ever enjoyed listening to.

     On the track “Shine On” the female vocalist is on point with sounding like Ms. Lauryn Hill rap flow-wise. I feel like I have died and gone to 1990s Lauryn Hill heaven every time I hear the female vocalist from iLLism’s voice, but this track makes the similarities in their singing voices abundantly clear.

     The track “House Party” sounds precisely like one of those feel good R&B songs of the 90s and then it morphs into sounding like one of the hit Hip-Hop songs of today. You know the ones that always go: Hold ah Hold ah Hold ah!!!!

     On the track “Got It” I am just mesmerized with how much soul comes out in this song from start to finish.

     “Open Letter” starts out with an almost Jazz like feel, while Envy sounds like a blend between Outkast and a 90s R&B singer (think Usher, KC&JoJo, R. Kelly, Tyrese, etc.)


          “Shine On” has mad rap flow on it reminiscent of NAS at first combined with the most laidback R&B beat that I had in years. Makes me want to dance like my best friend Alexander (aka the taller part of the group MIDDLESPOON). Just an easy going “Good Vibes” song as he used to say. Yup this is officially my favorite song on the album.

      “Hold Up” brings the vibe back to 90s R&B backgrounds (beat-wise).

      “Drapetomaniac” sounds like 90s female pop groups. Like a marriage between groups like DREAM, 3LW, TLC and Destiny’s Child. Then Envy gets on and does an almost Puff Daddy sound voice (due to how easy-going flow wise it is. Rather deep and poetic sounding. That oh yeah girl move slow now sort of voice that makes you like of late night slow jams).  

     “Weather” starts out sounding rhythm-wise like the combination of an R. Kelly song and any other soulful 90s R&B singers (like Joe, Tyrese, Brandy [particularly her song “Baby”], Usher.  The female vocalist makes this song, without out her it wouldn’t have that Brandy like ring. Reminds me of the lyrics: “You who… will always always be my baby!!!” It brings me back to Junior High when jams like this used to be played at my school dances. Hey those were, happening times y’all.

    “Isms (It’s a Go) starts of sounding like 90s female R&B meets Trap. I am like ok I can grove with this beat and then that Trap makes it even more epic sounding and out of this world. They don’t stop there. Then Envy comes back and starts rapping again.

      Oh, my gawd the harmony on the second to last track, called “Reservation” starts out with the greatest R&B harmony that I have heard since the 90s. Then the beat flows into this dope sounding R&B rhythm, then the rapper comes on. Tatum would consider this a banger (R&B-style banger, since it flows well from start to finish).  Envy produces the most prefect blend of rapping and R&B singing that I have heard since Usher put out the single “Papers”, while Fancy draws you in with her R&B singing voice (relaxing mind, body, and soul in the process).

     The final track has a 90s-dance style beat with as much vocal harmony as the previous track and then some during the chorus (therefore making the chorus more epic sounding in the process.  Very catchy lyricism combined with the fast-paced rhythm of this song makes you both want to dance and play this song all week long. Thank you Jacob Sky Bruse, for another great Hip-Hop recommendation.

Sounds Like: 
Easygoing R&B meets Reggae meets Hip-Hop beat infused with strong female vocals reminiscent of Lauryn Hill of the Fugees
Sounds Like: 
NAS or any other Bronx-based rapper
Sounds Like: 
Ms. Lauryn Hill's rap flow
Sounds Like: 
Feel good R&B songs of the 90s
Sounds Like: 
90s R&B background (beat-wise)
Sounds Like: 
90s Female Pop groups ( Like DREAM) married together with 3LW, TLC, and Destiny's Child
Sounds Like: 
Puffy Daddy
Sounds Like: 
Late Night Slow Jams with a deep voiced Barry White-esque singer
Sounds Like: 
90s R&B singers (like Joe, Tyrese, Brandy [particularly here song “Baby”], Usher
Sounds Like: 
90s Female R&B meets Trap
Sounds Like: 
"Papers" by Usher
Sounds Like: 
90s Dance
Sounds Like: 
Catchy Lyricism of the 90s
Recommended Tracks: 
Track #7: "Shine On" ***** (My favorite track on the album, hands down)
Track #1: "MNsota"***** (My friend from Minn would be proud of this track that came straight outta the Twin City) *****
Track #12: "Reservation" *****
Track #4: "House Party"*****
Track #5: "Got It" ***** (So much soul in this song. Oh man!!!)*****
Track #6: "Open Letter" (almost Jazz-like Intro on this song, yes real not electronic. Haha Mark) *****
Track #8: "Hold Up (Feat. Jay Hollywood)"*****
Track #9: "Drapetomaniac"*****
Track #10: "Weather"*****
Track #11: "Isms (It's a Go) ****
Track #13: "Love and Loyalty"*****
Jon S. Rice
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