Alison Wonderland 'FMUOASL' Tour @ The Pressroom

Alison Wonderland
Concert Date: 
Tue, 10/10/2017
Age Restriction: 
The Pressroom, Phoenix

Alison Wonderland, arguably Australia's #1 national treasure, finally got the chance to do her first headlining tour in the US--and naturally, she sold out over half the dates. After blowing up on the American scene in 2014 after her unreal Diplo & Friends appearance, she has released one LP Run (must-listen) and is reportedly almost done with her second. Some of her remixes have been absolute chart-toppers, and her style ranges from emotional, lyrical, synth-y hits to bass-heavy bangers. Most recently, she won "New Artist of the Year" at the inaugural Electronic Music Awards, and only last week was featured as #89 on the [controversially] famed DJMag's Top 100 DJs of 2017 list. Promising to "fuck you up on a spiritual level," this tour features incredibly innovative visual production, teaming up with Microsoft to bring edited live feeds of her performance and the crowd to the screen behind the decks.

We couldn't believe how true to her word the performance was--as well as being supremely talented with her mixing and track-selection skills, she is charismatic, relatable, funny, and, well... super hot. Her performance is absolutely not one to miss, whether it's at a big-name festival or a Vegas nightclub. Also, she's one of the best internet presences ever, so you should definitely follow her Twitter if you want to laugh and cry and slow clap daily.

KAMP photographer Elena Ganev was able to catch some unreal shots, featured below. And as always, keep up to date with the #1 EDM promoter in Arizona Relentless Beats for all the best electronic shows visiting Tucson and Phoenix. Catch up with the latest KAMP shenanigans by keeping up with our website, and finding us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!







Tatum Schranz / photo credit: Elena Ganev