Little Dark Age - Single

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Columbia Records
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After four years of silence, MGMT has returned to the music scene with their newest song, "Little Dark Age." For those who may have been worrying about the band losing their touch, I can honestly say that there is nothing to worry about. MGMT revives their signature style, which proves to have stood the test of time, to create an atmosphere that's dark, moody, and dramatic; but it is nothing less than brilliant. The song opens with gentle, plucky synths that sound playful, and sparks the curiosity of listeners. Not long after, however, the single's ominous sound continues to build with drums, wave synths, plucks, and even a dash of distortion on the bass and vocals. During the chorus, lead singer, Andrew VanWyngarden, muses about self-consciousness, grief, fear, and possibly losing oneself. Beautifully composed and well-thought-out, while remaining mysterious, MGMT has definitely put their best foot forward for their comeback. Although "Little Dark Age" is undeniably dark, I also cannot help but think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...somewhere. With that said, I am definitely looking forward to listening to Little Dark Age, the album, coming out in early 2018!

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Empire of the Sun
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The M Machine
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Little Dark Age (5/5)
Nick Ramos
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