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Big Sean
Steve Aoki
Louis The Child
Vince Staples
Milky Chance
DJ Jazzy Jeff
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Fri, 10/06/2017
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Rillito Park, Tucson

KAMP had the incredible opportunity to send more than a few DJs to cover Tucson's 2nd annual Dusk Music Festival, without a doubt the fastest growing source of live music in the Arizona South. With two days of music of every genre, culinary experiences, local art, and local business highlights--this was not something we could miss. Check out our DJs' takes on Dusk below!

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Grace Penry:

At first, the Dusk festival grounds did not look like much. Encompassed by an old horse racing track, the area for the big stage took up about half a football field. To the side, there was a baby stage, seriously, this stage was small. A few medical marijuana, alcohol, and festival type foods stands lined the perimeter. All in all, the grounds were pretty empty. There was a wall featuring paintings of all the artists headlining the festival. When I arrived, not many people had come yet. Of course, I also came only a little after five, with some friends who were volunteering at the festival.

        DJ Jazzy J started off the night Friday. His set was confusing because it didn’t flow well together, some of the transitions between songs were very abrupt. After this his performance, I went over to the baby stage to listen to another DJ. Madison Beer, who was supposed to play that night, had cancelled. No matter, the baby stage was actually really fun. The small environment allowed for people to just head bang with friends and it was very relaxed. I would say the overall environment of the festival that night was very relaxed. Most of the attendees were students or recent graduates of the University of Arizona. I made a lot of new friends that night. By the time Vince Staples performed, the crowd had grown, although mostly for Big Sean, who was to go after. It did not matter though because I thought Vince Staples was still a fire rapper and most people I talked to thought the same. His stage set only changed once throughout, and there were times when he simply waited through his features in his songs, but once he started rapping the man conveyed so much emotion. He definitely gave off the LA modern rapper vibe, similar to that of Frank Ocean or Tyler the Creator. Next was Big Sean. Hands down the most interactive performance of the night. In between songs he gave pep talks, hyped the crowd up, and during he had a huge stage presence. Before the concert, I didn’t think I listened to that much Big Sean, so I was surprised when I knew almost every song he performed word for word. Big Sean does a lot of features and has wrote a lot of music, that’s all I can say. He even did an encore, at request of the audience, of a new song he had not yet performed live. It was a really fun night.

        Saturday night definitely had a bigger turnout. This was the night I was most excited for too, because I am a huge Milky Chance fan. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint. In some ways, I found them better live than recorded. I say this because on their studio albums, you can’t see Antonio Greger play the trumpet or the harmonica in songs like Sweet Sun. You can’t hear Clemens Rheiben give amazing vocal solos that you had no idea he was capable of. I cannot overstate how amazing they were live. It transformed their usually chill, indie folk into an indie jam session. I totally dug it. They had an amazing energy. Next, came Louis the Child. I do not know too much about RPM or EDM, but I thought they did a good job. I liked the music, but thought it was a bit too chill to play at a festival. I had danced through all of Milky Chance, but it was hard to do the same with Louis the Child. Steve Aoki fixed this problem. Never had I listened to Steve Aoki before that night, and I am glad. This gave me a crazy, but truthful introduction into his music and the intended reaction to achieve from it. Most of the crowd was on drugs at this point (not me of course), and I truly felt like I was at a rave. A stranger gave my friend a PLUR bracelet. Of course, the Cake Song was the crowd favorite. Waves of girls (a few men too) sitting on shoulders moved through to the front in attempt to get some nice yummy cake thrown at their face. Steve Aoki’s set must have lasted at least an hour, but the time passed so quickly since everyone was so into it.

        Overall, although the festival was not big, and most of the concert goers were college kids, the atmosphere of the festival was fun. It was all about just getting into the music and enjoying having a good time with friends.


credit: Dusk Music Festival


Jonathan Merza:

Living in Tucson, I had heard about Dusk music festival many times and always wondered what it was like. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to attend for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. The venue was at the Rillito Park on 1st avenue so the location was ideal for university students and residents of Tucson. The venue was clean and the position of the stages was set up to prevent overcrowding. Surrounding all the stages were various food trucks and alcohol.  The first performer I saw was DJ Jazzy Jeff, most known from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I thought his performance was going to be more of a novelty but he was actually good. He was able to get the crowd excited and moving through the whole performance. I took a small break with my friends and then headed to Vince Staples. Vince was amazing and played all of his hits. The most notable songs were “Norf Norf” and “Big Fish”. People in the crowd were singing along and his catchy beats insured people would be dancing. The last performance that I saw on Saturday was Big Sean. Big Sean is one of my favorite rappers so I don’t know how biased I’m sounding but he was in the top 5 performances I’ve ever seen. I’m used to seeing rappers who are arrogant and flaunt their status but Sean was extremely humble. During the middle of his performance, he took time to inspire the crowd with emotional messages of persistence and success. Sean also asked the crowd for a moment of silence for the hurricane victims and Vegas shooting victims. Not only did Sean have an amazing spirit, but he also had an amazing voice. He sounds exactly like he does in the studio. After his performance, I was left with an overall satisfied and pleasant feeling. Sean was so down to earth that I look at him in a new light, a role model in the rap game.


Vince Staples; Big Sean / credit: Dusk Music Festival


Gabby Ranger:

A few weekends ago, I was able to attend Dusk, a hip-hop/EDM/alternative music festival started up in Tucson last year and was able to return again this year.  Being from Phoenix, I have become used to large festivals with tons of people showing up, in fact some of the festivals start blending together.  Dusk, however, was refreshing to attend because it incorporated the eclectic/artistic culture of Tucson into the festival.  At the entrance to the festival there were groovy handmade sculptures spelling out Dusk that immediately hyped me up for the rest of the night.  Upon entering the festival, there were several booths set up by promoters handing out free goodies as well as restaurants and other places to get your grub on.  One booth was providing a free service to help people get “glittered up” which I thought was super cool.  Every single experience I had with the service at the booths was pleasant and just in general people at the festival were extremely friendly.  I was hoping there would be a few more options for food but the food Dusk did offer was delicious.  After I chowed down a delicious slice of Empire Pizza, I looked around and was amazed by how beautiful Tucson is.  With the sun setting, a warm glow was cast over Rillito Park.  Festival-goers were lounging around on the grass and at that moment, being at Dusk felt right.

As the sun went down on Friday, DJ Jazzy Jeff kicked off the night with some groovy beats.  The crowd slightly nodded their heads along but it felt a bit awkward.  When Vince Staples came on, the crowd got a bit more into it (especially when he rapped “Ascension”, the Gorillaz song that he is featured in) but the overall hype just was not there.  Back to Vince, I thought his performance was absolutely incredible, and in many ways, more artistic than other artists I’ve seen.  For most of the performance, Staples was merely a silhouette on a bright orange background with some fog occasionally.  His stage presence proved dominant, as the crowd couldn’t turn their eyes away from the stage throughout his entire performance.  It seemed as though the audience wasn’t quite ready for what Vince Staples had to offer, because he is not as well known as Big Sean nor does his style resemble Big Sean.  Staples is a genius that the world isn’t quite ready for, but soon I think hip hop fans will come to realize what they are missing out on.  Now onto Big Sean.  Big Sean absolutely killed his performance, he knew how to properly hype up a crowd and throughout his entire time on stage I found myself thoroughly entertained.  In the middle of his performance, Big Sean took some time to pay respect to not only those who were affected by the incident in Las Vegas, but to everyone who has been affected by all of the natural disasters that have been going on as well.  It was a chillingly beautiful 30 seconds of silence that Big Sean asked for, in honor of those affected by the current events.  I gained a newfound respect for Big Sean at Dusk and would definitely attend another show of his.  

The chill atmosphere carried over from Friday to Saturday as the crowds were filling Rillito Park.  I arrived halfway through the POLIÇA performance and was immediately bummed that I hadn’t come earlier.  They played some beautiful sets and the lead singer’s voice gave me the chills right as I walked into the festival. POLIÇA has two drummers, giving it the ability to have wild beats as well as achieving a certain level of intensity.  I loved watching the four members of the band play because it was obvious how passionate they are about what they do.  Milky Chance came on next and got the crowd into a groovy mood with their new album Blossom as well as music from their debut album, Sadnecessary.  Somehow Milky Chance is always able to make you feel as though you are truly immersed in the music, and at Dusk they did not disappoint.  At one point, they had a musician come out and play the saxophone that got the crowd really excited and prepared for Louis the Child to come on.  Both Louis the Child and Steve Aoki were able to successfully maintain a constant level of hype for their entire performances which was quite impressive.  It was a constant stream of fist pumping and jumping up and down with flashing lights everywhere.  Unfortunately I was not able to see Aoki’s entire performance but from what I did experience, he definitely knew how to end the festival right.

Overall, Dusk was a groovy time and I look forward to what it will bring to the city of Tucson in 2018.


POLIÇA / credit: Dusk Music Festival

Milky Chance / credit: Dusk Music Festival


Javi Perez:

Dusk Music Festival just wrapped up its second annual show. I was impressed of how well the festival created such a cool and energetic atmosphere in a soccer field. I do wish there was more art or interactive pieces than just the stages and food booths. I got there at dusk to see Milky Chance and I was really surprised how easy it was to get to the front of the crowd because there was a lot of people there. Going to festival shows are really incredible but a huge factor in an experience is the people around you, if they are energetic, dancing it makes you want to do the same. In no time I was dancing with no care in the world. While I was in the crowd, I look over to my left and I see two of my friends that I had not seen since high school! What a small world!! I ended up seeing the rest of Louis the Child with them. The last set I saw was the headlining act, Steve Aoki. Now I’ve heard of him, and knew he made electronic music but that is the most I knew about him. As soon as he started playing, I realized this is probably going to be one of the best sets I have ever seen and it was. For more than an hour straight I was jumping and dancing, it was incredible! He does a really good job of engaging the crowd because no one stopped moving during his set. He had an amazing remix of “Mi Gente” by Jay Balvin and Willy William that honestly blew my mind!!! The beat of that song is already incredible so he just made it a straight rager. He debuted some songs off his new album, Kolony, where he tributed songs to his friend Chester Bennington from Linkin Park that recently passed away. At the end of his set, he continued his tradition of caking people in the face, which sounds sick because you get free cake. Sadly I was too far away to be picked but it was still cool to see. After his set, we all went home exhausted but talking about how incredible the festival was. Like festival fashion, I got sick for a week but I think it was a pretty good trade off.  I usually go to rock shows but after this experience, I am definitely going to more electronic shows!


Louis The Child / credit: Dusk Music Festival

Steve Aoki / credit: Dusk Music Festival


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