Carnival III: The Rise and Fall of A Refugee

Wyclef feat. Various Artist
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Heads Music
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    Let me just start off by saying Jacob Sky Bruse, you are dead on buddy when you say that this album (the 18th album from Haitain-born Artist Wyclef Jean) is a perfect showcase once again of Wyclef Jean's Jean bending.


    More specifically, on the track "Turn Me Good" Wyclef uses what I would define as the epitamy of a so-called "Good Vibes song" (a term I myself use all of time). It is just one of those songs that makes you want to bob your head with a big fat smile on your face. His line about Zion made me scream out lound (in my head, not out loud to people on the sidewalk mind you): Yeah man this is how I envision life in the last free city on earth. I wanted to sing with him. The lyrics go: "We gonna live all night like a Marven Gaye Song. What are you gonna do when we get to Zion!!! We gonna make love all night like a...Marvin Gaye song." Marvin is smiling from heaven Mr. Wyclef. Bravo on this song!


    The track "What Happened To Love" sounds like 1970s Funk. It has that crazy and funky sounding slapping of the bass mon sound combined with an easily decipherfal Disco beat in the background. This is the kind of song that my best friend from highschool would compare to Bossa Nova music. Just that easy going funky beat that makes you go: "Yeah, oh yeah!" (while moving and grooving).


The track "Borrowed Time" seems like one of those whole crowd jump in now ode type songs reminiscent of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". Think about how you used to sing: "Oh pirateship they rabbi, return to the merchant land! Let alone when you would sing "No Women, No Cry" back in the hey day (like me) and you will know how this song feels. I love his rap about Ice cube on this song: "Ice cube and my dreams are a good thing. Seeing drive-bys turning into a parade...One love like a Bob Marley sequel. Sitting back like John Lennon. Imagine it never happend. We can't wait for John...In the borrowed time." These lyrics paint a vivid picture like a 2Pac long without even having a hip-hop beat. It truly blows my mind to have this happen for once.

   Bravo Wyclef, the best was truly yet to come. I remember you album where you were wearing Denim Blue Jeans on the cover and to see where you have gone with your music is both omg amazing and inspiring at the exact same time. This album is one that I have been waiting all my life for. Easily your masterpiece. I don't say that lightly. The tracks speak for themselves. Boom!!!

Sounds Like: 
Good Vibes Songs
Sounds Like: 
Marvin Gaye
Sounds Like: 
1970s Funk
Sounds Like: 
Bossa Nova
Sounds Like: 
Bob Marley
Sounds Like: 
Bob Marley's 3 sons: Ziggy, Damien, and Stephen (In that order of similar sounding background music and vocals. Not in order of when they were born mind you)
Sounds Like: 
2Pac storyteller rhymes
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Rank 1)Turn Me Good
Rank 2)What Happened to Love
Rank 3)Borrowed Time
Jon S. Rice
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