Matt Hohs Birthday Celebration

Young Nut
Good Ol Joel
Yard Art
Concert Date: 
Sat, 09/30/2017
Age Restriction: 
51 W Southern Ave, Tempe

To start, imagine a big, practically vacant parking lot where the only activity seems to be a small crowd of college-age kids casually hanging outside of a small building. Everyone knows each other, and even the musicians performing are there too, waiting to be let in. The intimate, fun, relaxed atmosphere continued through the concert.

The concert, held in honor of Matt Hoh’s birthday, was held at 51 W in Tempe. This small venue could’ve been a coffee shop in a past life. However, that night, it boasted five local bands: MYAS, Young Nut, JEWFRO, Good Ol Joel, and YardArt. Almost everyone attending came because they were friends with one of the bands. So, each time a new artist came on to the stage, a new group of people would whoop and cheer. I came for JEWFRO to support my old friend.

The concert, which was supposed to start at 7, didn’t until about 7:45. The first act MYAS was a hip hop group consisting of a rapper and a guy on the computer producing the beats. This performance was hard because the crowd was not warmed up yet. However, once he dropped bars referencing pop culture the crowd would respond with ‘aye’s’. The second act, Young Nut was much more fun. By then, more people had arrived and the crowd was dancing to Young Nut’s fast and catchy raps. He was really good too, I was sincerely impressed. Next, it was JEWFRO’s turn.

JEWFRO did amazing. So many close friends had come to see them that everyone seemed to know all the lyrics. At the beginning, JEWFRO invited everyone to rush the stage, which everyone did, faithfully. Then they began with their newest song, Bathroom followed by some ‘classics’, ending with a reprise of Bathroom. Everyone danced and got into the music. It was pretty lit.

The next act, Good Ol Joel truly blew me away. From Flagstaff, their lead singer had not yet arrived when it was their turn. However, due to the relaxed nature of the concert, Matty Ho let the band play until he arrived. Let me tell you, this band could jam. The guitar player effortlessly played funky, groovy rock solos while the drummer kept lovely rhythm. About twenty minutes later or so the lead singer arrived, but honestly the band was still amazing without him. Not to say that the singer was not good though, he added the extra dynamic the band needed.

Lastly, Yard Art played a set reminiscent to the Strokes. (One of the lead guitar players had a Strokes button). By this time, unfortunately, most of the crowd had left, leaving only a couple dedicated music lovers. This band was pretty good and honestly deserved a bigger crowd.

Overall, this little concert was a really cool experience. I met people from the other bands and made new friends which I probably would not have if the atmosphere of the venue had been different. 

Grace Penry