Adobe House Records Interview

Doni, Collar John, FanningSystems, and [gr.y] of Adobe House Records visited the station to chat about their independent Tucson-based label. When they are not running a music label, they are studying as full-time students here at the University of Arizona. The crew stopped by on Saturday, Sept. 22, the day of Doni’s debut album release “Abstract Matter.”

BS: How did Adobe House Records start?

Doni: We met sophomore year and started to dabble in music. We all moved into a house together junior year and started making music under Adobe House.

Fanning Systems: We communicated through Facebook and emails for like a whole year, sending files back and forth. Last October I started coming out here and working with them from California and building the relationship further with everyone.

BS: What pushed you guys to get serious and start the label?

FanningSystems: A mixture of good content and thinking, "hey, this is something we enjoy doing."

[gr.y]: We’re just a group of people who have similar interests.

FanningSystems: Yeah, we would be throwing a lot away if we didn’t take advantage of that. We’re all here at the same time, same place, with similar interests.

BS: How has being apart of Adobe House affected your work? 

Collar John: Being in Tucson, and actually doing shows and being around other artists helped push everybody forward where we could actually go out and reach a lot more people.

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(Photo by Alexa Tarriba, instagram: @alexatarr)