The Temple of I and I

Thievery Corporation
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2, 13
ESL Music
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This album was recorded during a period where the band was staying in Port Antonio, Jamaica, and it immediately shows. This is a standard Thievery Corporation album with heavy reggae influences. The Temple of I and I has the same Thievery Corporaiton loungey ambiance of their prior records, and the dancehall influences make this overwhelmingly chill. If you are a Thievery Corporation fan, you will like this record. Newcomers will probably enjoy it as well, as it is more accessible than some of their prior work. The trade-off of experimentation for a polished, cohesive sound is not necessarily a bad one, and that manifests itself on this record. Thievery Corporation has never been in the mainstream, but maintain a huge cult following, which speaks to the appeal of the way they are able to blend different styles from around the world with their EDM production. This record is one of the best examples of that. Thievery Corporation lived in Jamaica in order to make this record, and involve several Jamaican artists on the different tracks. This adds a legitimacy to the album that differentiates Thievery Corporation from other EDM-world bands. Overall, this was a pretty good record. None of it particularly blew my mind, but it is very vibey and fun to listen to.

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Beats Antique
Sounds Like: 
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Letter to the Editor: Racquel Jones vocals are amazing on this
Strike the Root: one of the most reggae sounding songs on the entire album
Will Fotter
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