Twin Peaks Interview

Emily and Olivia chatted with two members of Chicago rock band Twin Peaks, Clay and Cadien, before their gig at Club Congress. They discussed a plethora of shit, from the resurrection of a certain familiarly-named tv show to *literal* shit.

Emily Beiser: Did you guys see the Twin Peaks sign on your way here?

Cadien Lake James: Yeah, we saw it.

EB: Every time I drive by it-

Clay Frankel: You think of us?

EB: Yes! I’m like, they should really take a picture under it.

Olivia Morell: Who's favorite character from the TV show, Twin Peaks?

CF: I like Leland, the father.

OM: That’s a controversial character!

CLJ: You know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the guy… but the things that happen to him. I feel so bad for him- like when he’s crying, then he dies.

EB: I’ve only watched like three episodes, now I don’t even have to finish it! But who killed Laura Palmer?!

CF: That’s the question.

CLJ: Please just watch the show. I don’t want to ruin it for you. But my favorite character from the show… shit, man. I’m a big fan of Peter Martell. He’s the one who discovered Laura Palmer’s body.

EB: I saw that!

CF: He’s dead.

EB: How was Coachella?

CF: It was whatever.

CLJ: It was fine.

OM: Do you guys have any crazy stories from it?

CF: We took a lot of drugs.

CLJ: Kendrick Lamar was incredible. Very impressive way to present a new album. He had a dude running around doing all of these samurai jump-flips with a sword on stage, it was sick.

OM: I wonder how much that cost per hour.

CLJ: Dude…

EB: Not cheap!

CLJ: That was definitely a multi-million dollar performance.

EB: Just like the one we’re about to see tonight!

CLJ: Oh, yeah.

OM: How did the recording process of Down In Heaven differ from your two prior LPs?

CF: All three are fairly different. The first was in Cadien’s basement. The second one was also in Chicago, but in a studio. We didn’t stay there, we just traveled to get there everyday. And the third was in this house we lived in. We brought our own equipment and did it ourselves, just kind of lived in Massachusetts for a while. And toured in between sometimes.

CLJ: We had a lot more time, which was cool. The first one we did in a week, the second one we did in two weeks. This one was two sessions of about two weeks each.

CF: Much more relaxing process.

EB: Were there any other contenders for band names, or did you always know you would be Twin Peaks?

CLJ: We used to be called Friend, that’s why we changed it.

OM: After the TV show?

CLJ: No, c’mon. That’s Friends.

EB: Next you’re gonna be Seinfelds.

CF: One friend.

OM: What are y’all’s parents’ favorite Twin Peaks tracks?

CF: I don’t know.

EB: It’s a secret.

CLJ: Both my parent’s like “Walk To The One You Love.”

CF: They like when their kid’s the one singing.

CLJ: Yeah, I always have to be like “Dad, stop being mad about other people singing.” He’s like, “You know, I just think your songs are the best…”

CF: They’re proud parents!

EB: Do you guys have any fun pre- or post-show rituals?

CF: No rituals. But we do drink.

EB: Lots of water.

CLJ: Yeah, definitely only drinking water.

CF: The past three shows I’ve been listening to a specific Neil Young song before going on, that’s been good. Maybe I’ll try to keep doing that.

EB: Which one?

CF: “Powderfinger”

CLJ: When I first met Clay, he played in another band. They’d always talk about how Clay’s thing was the pre-show shit.

CF: Oh, yeah. I still do that.

CLJ: You gotta dump before you go on stage.

EB: That’s what they say!

CF: It’s not really a stylistic choice, it’s more of a necessity.

OM: Is it a nerve thing?

CF: Yeah, physical nerves.

OM: What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen a fan do?

CF: A girl asked Jack to spit on her one time. That was pretty weird.

CLJ: Remember the dude that got a handjob at one our shows or some shit?

CF: I thought he was. It was hard to tell.

CLJ: I know at one of our best shows back in the day at this place called Field Trip, people had sex while we were playing the show. They were around the corner, though, I didn’t see them or anything. People after the show were like “Dude, those people in the corner were fucking!” That was pretty wild.

CF: Girls have thrown their underwear and bras.

CLJ: That’s classic.

CF: Not super weird.

CLJ: Oh, one time this dude came to our show. I felt kind of bad about it, but he seemed pretty psyched. We got him to drink a bottle of hot sauce. I have a video of it, I think.

EB: If Down In Heaven were the soundtrack to a film, what would its plot be?

CF: Porno.

*pauses to watch video of dude chugging hot sauce*

CLJ, laughing: Connor yelling “Go!”

OM: Did he vomit after?

CLJ: Nah, man. He was fucking psyched!

EB: Then he had sex at your concert!

CLJ: Nah, different guy.

OM: Same guy, different night... wait, what was the answer to the movie question?

EB: A porno.

CLJ: Our friend actually made a movie that has a lot of Sunken in the soundtrack. I think it premiered at Sundance, it was pretty good.

EB: What’s something that none of you guys can seem to agree on?

CLJ: Clay doesn’t like it, but we all like walking out to the Bulls’ theme song. He fucking hates it.

EB, to Clay: What would you prefer to walk out to?

CF: I’d like the first note they hear to be from us.

OM: What's one trend you wish would stop?

CLJ: Music festivals doing mainly EDM… it’d be cool if there were more rock bands getting attention. But it’s also kind of nice having rock find its way back into the underground. Lots of pros and cons.

CF: The Bro! I hate The Bro. And fraternities in general.

EB: What are your favorite and least favorite things about touring?

CF: Favorite is playing the shows, partying when it’s fun to party. Least favorite is probably having to eat shitty food and having to wake up early sometimes.

CLJ: Sitting in the van a lot, there’s not a ton of privacy. But I got used to it- I love touring.

CF: Playing festivals can really take you down a peg.

CLJ: Yeah, I mean when we’re playing a club show we’ll have a bunch of people out there and it’s fucking great. But then playing at a festival after a band who’s bigger than you, everyone leaves the room and suddenly you’re playing to an empty fucking room! I like to play, though, so I’m usually down with all of it. Just give me a microphone, my guitar, and these boys.

EB: If you had to cover a song right now, what would it be?

CF: We do!

EB: You do?

CF: Yeah, but I’m not gonna tell you which one. Are you seeing the show?

EB: Yes.

CF: Eh, well I guess it doesn’t have to be a secret. We cover “Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones.

EB: Oh, dope. I heard that on your live album and was really excited about it!

CLJ: I wanna cover “Train in Vain”

EB: That’d be fun.

CF: That’s a tricky one, though. Weird instruments, harmonica…I’d like to cover a Neil Young song but I don’t know if the people who come to our shows would be into it.

CLJ: We could do a rockin’ one.

EB: Cover a really slow Van Morrison song to fuck with everyone- maybe “Astral Weeks.”

CLJ: “Crazy Love” would be sick to cover.

EB: Any other bands from your hometown you wanna shoutout?

CLJ: NE-HI! Post Animal, Melkbelly…there are a ton of sick Chicago bands right now- Chicago’s on fire. Waiting for that Flamingo Rodeo record, best band name. And Modern Vices!

OM: Last question: what can fans expect from y’all in the rest of 2017?

CF: New hot shit!

CLJ: New hot shit for sure.

CF: We already recorded that new hot shit, so we’re gonna release that new hot shit.

CLJ: Then we’re gonna make some more, and put that out, too.

EB: A Rolling Stones cover album?

CF: Better than that!

CLJ: I don’t think we’ll ever do a cover album.

EB: Maybe in 50 years.

CF: It’s better than whatever the Stones released in ’17.

EB: Alright, well thanks so much guys! We’re very excited for the show.

Both: Thank you!

Check out Urbs in Horto, the latest release from Twin Peaks- a live album out on Grand Jury. And of course, be on the lookout for new hot shit!
Photo credit to Daniel Topete