I Swear I'm Good at This

Diet Cig
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FrenchKiss Records
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Diet Cig, a fun, energetic duo have just released their first full length album, Swear I’m Good at This. These songs are unapologetically them.The way the lyrics are written is similar to the Front Bottoms where they are very literal and straight to the point with no extra glitter thrown on them to make them sound cliche. The album opens up with Sixteen, where Alex, the vocalist says how she dated a guy with her same name and how it weird it was moaning her own name. That kind of transparency pretty much sets the tone for the whole record. The vocals sound like a strong girl group and the music is upbeat and pop. I’ve seen Diet Cig live, and stage presence of the duo is exactly what these songs need. These songs are great and fantastic but you have not heard their final form until you see them live. The duo adds more energy than you know possible.

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Sounds Like: 
The Front Bottoms
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Link in Bio: Super fun and dancy
Blob Zombie: She sings “I want to be the best one at this but I don’t want to get out of bed,” which is me
Javi Perez
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