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Amber Mark
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Jasmine Music
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New York-based singer, Amber Mark, will release her first debut EP on Friday, May 12th. The EP consists of 7 track including two pre-released singles "Lose My Cool" and "Way Back." While listening to both tracks, I immediately thought of my treks through H&M that could also fit the Forever 21 music theme. Lose My Cool is a mellow track with piano at the beginning and end of the track. The song also has a dance and R&B vibe that express her need to vent at times, "Yes I know it might seem like I'm going to cause you pain (Yeah) Boy you got to realize I've got to get all this crazy I've got to lose my cool." Way Back is a catchy single that also has both an R&B and dance sound. Take a listen and I think you (yes you reading this review) will enjoy it as well. Both tracks are pretty decent with Way Back as the superior.

Score: 6/10

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Marian Hill
Sounds Like: 
Oh Wonder
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Way Back
DeRay Chatter
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