The Great Collapse

Fit For an Autopsy
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Fit for an Autopsy are a deathcore band from my home state of New Jersey. There new release The Great Collapse largely sticks to their brutal deathcore roots. However, only the second song into the album they showed some originality by adding clean vocals in along with Joe Badolato’s incredible growls. Clean vocals are used variously throughout the album as a background.

Clean vocals aside this album is still brutal as can be. The deep low guitars and insane low pitched vocals are insane. As someone who screams in the lower pitch range myself I tried to match Joe’s pitch and was entirely unable.

I was not originally excited to review another deathcore album but this one actually had my enjoying myself. The guitar solo in Terraform blew my mind.

Track 6: “When Blubs Burn Out” Started with a shoegaze sound with an overlay of a man speaking of climate change, followed by a chorus of screams which vaguely reminded me of Deafheaven with lower vocals.

Lyrically this one of the darkest albums I have listened to. The lyrics describe pain and suffering in tragic ways.

The rest of the album is classic deathcore which can shake you to the bone. I would love to see this album performed.

Sounds Like: 
Chelsea Grin
Sounds Like: 
Suicide Silence
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Heads Will Hang: An awesome heavy track with cleans mixed into it.
8: A pained song which shows the emotion and lyrical darkness of Fit for an Autopsy.
Nicholas Sergeant
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