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Ad Noiseam
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This single was my first encounter of Igorrr. The song begins with operatic vocals over a soft guitar background. These operatic vocals quickly become pained screams followed by a glitchy dubstep breakdown. This breakdown was then followed by beautiful female operatic vocals followed by another breakdown. In this breakdown the male screams and female vocals go back and forth in an epic display of vocal diversity. This is then followed by a continuing dubstep like synth. This is truly an interesting track that spreads many genres of music. I'm truly not sure who to compare this to. It seems to be a genre of its own. If you're into truly experimental metal this is for you. I apologize for not making comparisons to other artists but once you listen to this track you will understand. (The music video is also pretty sick).

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Volumes: For the sake of being eperimental
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ieuD: symphonic, experimental track comparable to nothing I've hear before. Beautiful track
Nicholas Sergeant
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