Concrete Desert

The Bug Vs Earth
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Ninja Tune
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I'm a big fan of Earth, only having a passing familiarity with The Bug, but from my point of view this album is a little boring. That isn't to say it's bad though, and the title Concrete Desert does a good job explaining the appeal. This music is slow, sprawling, and desolate. Earth lays down some heavy but somehow twangy guitar and bass atmosphere, The Bug adds slow, plodding beats and electronic ambiance, and you really get the feeling this could be the soundtrack to some post-apocalyptic western. The only real problem is that there isn't a movie to go along with it. The most accurate comparison I can make is to the soundtrack Neil Young did for Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, but while that album (to my ears) works apart from the piece it's soundtracking, this album seems to be looking for something to accompany. So check it out if those comparisons work for you, just don't expect to be able to tell tracks apart afterward. 

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
The Bug
Sounds Like: 
the soundtrack to Dead Man by Neil Young
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2 Agoraphobia: The guitar and the beat mesh really well on this song, but also it kind of sounds like everything else on here.
Andrew Boring
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