Conor Oberst
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Last year Conor Oberst released the record Ruminations. This was one of my favorite records of 2016 and I think Conor's best record in a while. Conor really went back to the basics with this record. It is a pretty simple record with mainly piano, harmonica and vocals. It really has the feel of a folk record from the 60s. Having just good classic Conor Oberst depressing lyrics. This new record Salutations is pretty much just Ruminations only with a full band and a few extra tracks. Although I feel like this album might be a little unncessary just because I don't really think the songs really had to be reworked into a full band. But it still doesn't take a way from the quality of the songs, and the tracks I enjoyed in Ruminations are still good listens on this record. 

Sounds Like: 
Bright Eyes
Sounds Like: 
Bob Dylan
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5.Next Of Kin: Very dreary but great song
10. Tachycardia: love the harmonica
Daniel Clark
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