Guardian - Single

Tigers Jaw
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Black Cement
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Finally new music from Tigers Jaw! It seems that they have been of the grid for a while but they are back baby! The have announced a new album, Spin, coming out out May 19th. Guardian is the first single to be released from the album and it is GOOD. It is still the classic Tigers Jaw sound since they recorded it with the same producer as Charmer, Will Yip. There is a nice opening chord progression that sounds good. The song is structured like a juxtaposition because the music sounds super energetic, hopeful and happy although the lyrics talk about having to be someone’s support system while you yourself cannot get yourself together. The song as a whole is super catchy and fun to listen to and I hope the rest of the album is as good or better.


Sounds Like: 
Tiger's Jaw Charmer Record
Sounds Like: 
La Dispute
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Javi Perez
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