Princess Nokia
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I'm no good at describing hip-hop with the level of detail a hip-hop head would demand, so forgive this review and I'll make it quick. Princess Nokia is a Afro-Nuyorican rapper, and 1992 is her new album/mixtape (EP?). She's got bars, her beats range from boom bap to trap to jazzy stuff, everything a debut needs to be good, but in a hip hop world dominated by men the most refreshing angle is her lyrical content. From this perspective raps about the various aspects of her heritage, being a tomboy, how you shouldn't touch her hair, how much she likes Marvel comics, Mortal Combat, cutting class, witchcraft, etc. Through all these songs you get to see what makes her unique and interesting, and I'm excited to see what she does next. 

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Princess Nokia
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1 Bart Simpson: Really cool beat with sampled horns and guitar, has the part about comic books, great summary of her appeal.
Andrew Boring
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