Pure Comedy

Father John Misty
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Sub Pop
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Formerly known as the drummer of Fleet Foxes, Josh Tillman, now known presently by his alias and stage name Father John Misty, has taken the indie rock and folk scene by storm. “Pure Comedy” is the third studio album following the intoxicatingly romantic, hilarious and cynical attitude that was “I Love You, Honeybear”, this album follows more or less the underlying themes of “Holy Shit” and “Bored in the USA”, but focuses more on mocking the middle class and life as a whole, ranging from topics like the dismantling of capitalism and big corporation systems, to technology and its effects on daily life (like bedding Taylor Swift via the Occulus Rift on “Total Entertainment Forever”). I mean, to put it bluntly there is a sticker I received from our Warner Bro’s rep that displays a man’s eyes eagerly affixed to his phone with a look of disappointment: our culture and lifestyle as a whole. Going as far to call society a gathering of “demented monkeys”, “godless animals” turning a “bright blue marble” into a “Godless rock that refuses to die” in the third song “Total Entertainment Forever”, Father John’s cynical brand of humor is still very much alive and well.

            Although a majority of the music following the three opening songs follows a rather tonal plateau sprinkled with acoustic riffs and orchestral tones, Father John finds a way to depict the world we live in and illuminate the possibilities of living and the pros and cons of the human psyche in and of itself. However, one could say that the album can test your patience, as the 13 songs follow a long, strange ride, and all the while Father John Misty judges society ruefully. Musically, it lacks the diversity of its predecessors “Fear Fun” and “I Love You, Honeybear”, but lyrically, Father John Misty provides a reflection of the times we are living in presently and how we got to this point. In all, an absorbing, intermittently amusing album from start to finish. 

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Josh Tillman
Sounds Like: 
Fleet Foxes
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2. Total Entertainment Forever: Opens with "Bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Occulus Rift". 'Nuff said.
4. Ballad of the Dying Man: The dying man awaits your approval.
Maximilian Serventi
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