Particle Kid

Particle Kid
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Hen House Studios
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This is definitely not a conventional album and I am not sure how I feel about that.

All the tracks are pretty long, but that can be attributed to the excellent mixing of various sounds and genres of  music. Most of the tracks are based on a rock vibe with elements of jazz--so instead of an epic guitar solo, there's a intense jazz session. There are also elements of folk music and the country side that are delicately embedded into the tracks. Although the transitions are smooth and the combinations of the sounds are unique, it really is "weird". It is unique and different and surprising but I don't know if I like it. I think this type of music would be best incorporated in a cultural fair, or background music to viewing nature.

I guess because so many different musical elements are smashed together, it makes an interesting experimental album, but can be overwhelming and confusing. Plus, the tracks are so long that it can be hard to determine if you are still listening to the same song until the chorus starts again. But Particle Kids most definitely has a knack for mixing a unique blend of sounds.

Sounds Like: 
Grizzly Bear
Sounds Like: 
Willie Nelson
Recommended Tracks: 
2 Slips Away:an interesting blend of rock, electronic riffs and jazzy melodies (long track-over 5 min)
3 The Ocean:soothing instrumentals with sudden crashes like the transition between a calm and stormy sea
Hibah Ilyas
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