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There are not enough words to describe how incredible Khalid’s debut album, American Teen is. There are 15 songs on this album and usually what happens is only a couple of songs end up being good and are added to your playlist. With American Teen every single song stands out, is memorable and will leave you singing the lyrics for the rest of the day. The album has been out for less than a month and it has been receiving so much positive feedback, from performing on Jimmy Fallon to releasing a remix of the song “Location” with Lil Wayne and Kehlani, Khalid is blowing up. This is not all matter of luck, Khalid is incredibly talented, at 19, he has created a masterpiece. His transparency and realness are what makes the songs incredible.

The album opens up with “American Teen,” giving an overview of what being young is about, going out with friends, graduating high school and dreaming about the future that lies ahead. The song touches on living the American dream and ends with the line “i’m proud to be American.” Which is a very powerful statement coming from an African American male in this time with all the injustice, police brutality and Black Lives Matter movement that has been happening. I think the song stands as a new sign for hope. The next track is the anthem for any teen growing up, singing “Young Dumb & Broke.” It’s a good relatable bop. The next song was the first single from this album, Location, it is super catchy, hanging out with a girl type song. Probably my favorite song is Saved. This song is less pop, more R&B sounding, his voice is like butter, smooth organic salted butter. The closing song, Angels is the final push I needed from this album to reach euphoria. It is a very gospel, church choir sounding song. I really cannot stress how incredible this song is!!!


This album cleared my acne, realigned my chakras, decreased my student debt and increased the longevity of my life. It is my number one album of 2017 and I know Khalid has a prosperous career ahead of him and I cannot wait to hear more from him.  I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!

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Sounds Like: 
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Saved: Smooth Vocals
Angels: beautiful gospel song
Cold Blooded: Funky guitar plus his cool voice
Javi Perez
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