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Ascension ft. Vince Staples
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It’s been around six years since the Gorillaz released their fourth studio album, “The Fall”, and even longer since their first studio album self-titled “Gorillaz”; just about 15 years since their debut and they’re still rocking out. Now when I say “they”, I really mean the animated characters that comprise “the band” that is the Gorillaz, however the true talent behind the virtual band was created back in 1998 by Damon Albarn, and with the release of his four singles off the upcoming fifth studio album entitled “Humanz”, eager listeners and fans alike now have a varied idea as to what the delightfully collective is up to this time around.

Saturnz Barz ft. Popcaan

Alright, this song was something I was not expecting from the band, as the group is now in fairly uncharted territory with trap-style beats, angelic gospel background singing, and verses from the feature, Popcaan, get stuck in your head to say the least. Nonetheless, the combined talent of Popcaan and the music head Albarn indicates that the upcoming album will be more eclectic and unexpected than the last albums.

Andromeda ft. D.R.A.M.

Named after the beautiful Greek mythological chained-maiden-in-distress, “Andromeda” insinuates the idea that maybe Phase 3 : Escape to Plastic Beach was not the band’s last stop on the road to fame. In fact, our beloved animated band members are reaching for the stars, literally as shown in the music video for “Saturnz Barz”, and figuratively as they continue to surprise and supply. Production wise, the beats are reminiscent of Plastic Beach, but D.R.A.M. steals the show with the spritely poppy lyrical implementation into the electricity that courses through this song’s veins.

Ascension ft. Vince Staples

Sauy whaaaaa?! Vince Staples has graced the Gorillaz with a furious flow that follows the hype-building introduction of “Ascension”. The name itself gives way to the nature of the song itself, it starts off a little bit on the slow side, but Vince Staples elevates the song to a different level, thus “Ascension” ba dm tss. Momentary breath from the microphone murderer is offered by a dreamy, wavey interlude by the music head Albarn, however shortly thereafter Vince Staples resumes his flow on the most upbeat hip-hop track of Gorillaz history since Mos Def on “Stylo”.

We Got The Power ft. Jehnny Beth

“We Got The Power” is more of a call to arms than a single on it’s own. The song pays homage to “Hallelujah Money”, a single acting as a counter to everything The Donald stands for, but instead of being more of a somber tone, it embraces positivity and defiance. Albarn opens the track with the aforementioned positivity and defiance, “We’ve got the power to be loving with each other no matter what happens”. A fittingly strong anthem to galvanize the masses during these tumultuous times. 

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The Chemical Brothers
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Sounds Like: 
Gnarls Barkley
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2. Andromeda : Andromeda is our closest nearby galaxy (2.5 Million light years), this song is equally spacey
1. Saturnz Barz : Grime rap + Albarn music = pretty interesting
Maximilian Serventi
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