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Misterwives has released two singles from their upcoming album "Connect the Dots" and I am obsessed!! If you have ever listened to Misterwives before, you know their music is fun and dance-y, and just an all around good time. The first two singles from their sophomore album, "Machine" and "Oh Love", are just that, but pack a bigger punch. These songs are edgy and show Misterwives moving forward to an evolved sound from their first record. "Machine" premiered last summer at a concert out in San Diego which I was lucky enough to attend, and I was immediately blown away by it. "Machine" hits that sweet spot of the Misterwives sound; there is something so great about it, that gets a similar vibe from their early hits, like "Reflections" or "Our Own House", but is so different in overall sound that you know you are hearing a new song. I first heard "Oh Love" live when they opened for Panic! at the Disco on the Death of the Bachelor tour, and was immediately vibing to the intense energy emanating from the stage. "Oh Love" has a guitar part written by guitarist Marc Campbell that I cannot wait to learn, and is probably the edgiest of their new songs. Both songs feature a small break down from lead singer Mandy Lee, where she lays down the truth and proves that she is one insanely talented vocalist. Production from drummer Etienne Bowler is spot on, and you can tell the band is truly utilizing their horn section, comprised of trumpet player Dr. Blum and saxophonist Mike Murphy. You can tell that the world has shaped these two singles- they talk about not conforming to what society expects of you, and not letting others oppress you. I can't wait to see what the rest of the album has to hold for us. Pre-order "Connect the Dots" if you liked these two songs!

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Walk the Moon
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Matt and Kim
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"Machine"- a song true in Misterwives fashion
"Oh Love"- edgy Misterwives is here!!
Amanda Chesin
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