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Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records
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          Drake's "More Life" is a self-described "playlist," borrowing from genres such as afrobeat, Jamaican dance hall, r&b, and grime. The 22-track album features over 10 artists, with solo tracks including Sampha's 4422, and Skepta's Skepta Interlude. If not for the featured artist's contributions, the album would have sounded like a continuation of "Views." Drake's solo tracks all sounded extremely similar to his songs from "Views," the only thing that separated the two albums are the songs with featured artists. For example, Madiba Riddim sounds like One Dance, and Gyalchester sounds like Pop Style. But Since Way Back featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Sacrifices featuring 2 Chainz and Young Thug sound less like Drake, and more like the featured artists themselves.

         Songs that stood out to me are Madiba Riddim, Get It Together, Portland, Sacrifices, and Glow, Since Way Back, and 4422.  Madiba Riddim may sound like One Dance, but I love One Dance so naturally I gravitated towards the song. It has the dance hall/tropical island feel. Get It Together featuring Jorja Smith and Black Coffee also has a dance hall feel to it, but what makes the song song stand out is the soulful, angelic voice of Jorja Smith. Amazing artist alert! I went to her Spotify profile and all I can say is that if you liked her voice on Drake's track, then it only gets better from there. Portland has a real nostalgic sample with some kind of whistle or recorder, and plus Quavo and Travis Scott are on it so it's a slight banger. Sacrifices is definitely inspired by 2 Chainz' "Hibachi for Lunch," the EP is full of similar samples. The song has a great sample and is a good listen. Glow is a great because Kanye and Drake play off each others lyrics. referencing each others hits and accomplishments. Since way Back is definitely a PARTYNEXTDOOR song featuring Drake, it sounds like everything PARTYNEXTDOOR has ever made. 4422 although short, has great vocals from Sampha. The track is mesmerizing, it will get stuck in your head rather quickly, Overall, I think the album is fun to listen to, but needs more originality from Drake. Check it out!


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Big Sean
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The Weeknd
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Get It Together: Jorja Smith and Drake make sweet sweet music together. 5/5
Portland: Quavo and Travis Scott w/ awesome sample. 4/5
Madiba Riddim:tropical dance hall sound w/ Drake vocals. 5/5
Brieana Sealy
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