Music for the Robot Revolution

Non-Airable Tracks: 
Alphane Reality Generator
Album Art: 

 Music for the Robot Revolution, get ready to hear exactly what you expect with a little more quality then the cover suggests. This album features voice overs, weird ghost music, video game samples and much much more. The beat is pump up, the rifts build and rise, some daunt and taunt and overall the effect is chilling. It is not so much of the end being near as much as it is a rising to the occasion. A welcome party for the future of SCI fib music and the technological overthrow of mankind. It weaves in interesting drum lines and overall is a little intense, especially the begriming of the album. 

Sounds Like: 
this is a unique CD
Sounds Like: 
Soundtrack music for Tron comes close
Recommended Tracks: 
06-metal is stronger then flesh
08 Doppelunteerfangen
Ellery Page
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