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Def Jam Records
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Chanel by Frank Ocean is the second unexpected single after Slide with Migos and Calvin Harris. Chanel is a really dreamy song with a dark undertone. Ever since Frank Ocean became a hit phenomena with OFWGKTA, many people were interested in his sexuality due to his ambiguous lyrics (why anyone cared though I'm not sure).  A lot of people have given this song praise for Frank finally talking first hand about a boyfriend or a non-binary relationship. Putting politics aside, this song is really cool. It's got an incredibly catchy chorus and the beats are simple yet perfect for what the song needs. Frank Ocean's voice on this song is on point and he varies between singing and rapping - there's minimal auto tune on this track, which is a little different for him. As I said before this song has a dark tone to it but taking the lyrics at first hand glance, its very romantic. Unlike a lot of his newer songs there isn't a lot of ambient noise just a few noises here and there that actually add to the song without being distracting. If this is the direction he plans on taking his next record, it should be good. 

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Frank Ocean
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1. Chanel
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