Turnt Up

Pimp Dzol
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We Rollin' Records
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In all my time of doing CD reviews (which is not very long but still), I've never been so pleasantly surprised with a small-time rapper before. Pimp Dzol has charisma and power which I think are the two key things that every hip-hop artist needs. While he's not exactly over the top in the lyrics department, Pimp Dzol's intense voice still keeps you engaged and listening to his voice. Not to mention, both of the songs "Turnt Up" and "I Own That" have a bass heavy, typical hip-hop beat. Both of these songs would definitely fill up the room for any frat party since it's the typical formula for hip-hop but Pimp Dzol's unforgiving energy. If you love the craziness of Mystikal or DMX, you're absolutely going to love this Pimp Dzol.

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Sounds Like: 
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"Turnt Up" (*****) - Mystikal and DMX would be proud (and turnt up)
"I Own That" (****) - Same style as "Turnt Up" but not as intense.
Alli Gilbreath
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