iMessaging Avi Buffalo

After a series of wildly unsuccessful attempts at meeting up for an in-person interview in Austin at SXSW, Avi Buffalo and I decided to simply chat via iMessage. I discussed a myriad of things with the fascinating Long Beach-based artist, including (but not limited to) Jewish food, Instagram, words, and porta potties.

Emily Beiser:
ok-- let's start with you telling me a little about yourself!

Avi Buffalo:
I've always had music in my life and at a certain age I decided I'd start taking it on more seriously as something I'd like to help make myself. My first instrumentwas the guitar and before long I found my way into also writing songs.

omg sorry i fell asleep
what was the best part of your 2017 south by + the worst?

It's ok! Interviews are better this way lol. I'm finally home for good rn
The best part of my sxsw experience was how I escaped sxsw completely by hanging out at my friend's house and eating home cooked food from the grocery store with him, and listening to records. Other than that I came into town to do a mere 3 shows and a Dropbox interview at their Austin office that was actually remarkably sick (+they fed me good tech industry catering food).

what's your instagram posting process like?

I have over 9,000 posts currently. I create images sometimes on the app Line Camera, or I just want people to see what I'm up to throughout the day. It is a way for me to express myself emotionally.

are you a fan of ig then? or is it done more *ironically*

I am neither, I just use it as a vessel.

what do you think about before you go to sleep?

Sex, anxiety, music, etc. Things like that.

the normal stuff!


what’s your fav childhood memory?

Listening to records and dancing at my grandmother Dorothy's house was one, or when I first started to discover the ability to make music.

post-hip infection?

Before hip infection really

Way before, just the initial discoveries of really loving music

bce/ce but for your hip infection
which was skateboarding induced?

My cousin used to practice playing cello and I would pretend to conduct him when I was a little kid!

that’s very sweet!

Yes I had Osteomyelitis once, a bone infection that I went to the hospital for a couple weeks for. It wasn't skateboard induced but after that happened I sort of lost my momentum as a skateboarder and was much more excited about playing music by a few years after that.

what was your favorite record in high school?

I listened to a lot of stuff back then. Maybe my favorite became "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane. Lots of music though, I can't really have a favorite. A lot of music was coming out then and my friends and I were always excited about discovering new or old music that was good.

yeah, when someone asks me who my favorite band is i kind of freeze up
i don’t think i have a favorite
or one favorite rather

There's no such thing, ha.
Yeah no one is better or the best after a certain point, good music is good music.

a real music fan who attends real festivals like south by south west would never ask such a thing!!

Sxsw is my favorite band ;)

haha name 3 songs by them :)

"Pay Us", "We've Got A Porta-Potty, How About You?", and     "Networking=Getting Drunk Around 20 Bands Playing At The Same Time"

excluding this conversation, what was the last text you sent?

Lemme check
My last text was "Wilco's instagram did, whoever runs that. Yuka posted one of Buttercup at the concert :)"

hotel vegas marked the sweatiest porta potty i’ve ever been in!

It was to Nels the guitarist of Wilco, I sent him a picture of his wife Yuka watching him play from backstage holding their little dog Buttercup
Yeah hotel Vegas!

what are you listening to rn?

At the moment just listening to someone washing their car with a hose outside

i’m listening to my favorite song on the indian pebbles compilation, it’s a cover of “until the dawn” by the fentones

Very nice        
Last night I listened to some P-Funk

what’s your favorite word?


from an entirely selfish standpoint, if i could change one thing about my south by experience it’d be allotting more time to sleep

I get a decent amount of sleep considering I was on tour.
But it's a stressful place, I was avoiding all the stress

very high stress environment
what’s your favorite jewish food?

My favorite Jewish food is probably traditional corned beef from somewhere like Katz's Deli in NYC        
But actually
That's not true, because I just had some of the best tahini of my life recently when I went to Israel/Palestine for the first time.
Hard to have favorite food or music.        

when i asked you, “latke” popped into my head
but i came home from austin yesterday to my dad making me a leo omelette and that was really good, too
food can be really good or really bad, much like music

Oh wow I haven't had a leo omelette
Yeah it's true, and there's so much of it.

you gotta try one asap, so delicious
did you go to the artist lounge in the convention center last week?

I didn't end up going to the artist lounge, hehe
Which means I did not get "the backpack" this time.

The Backpack^tm


i snuck in with my friends who are in an la-based band on saturday
free beer was the only pull

Wasn't it incredibly boring?

oh and i got to see ho99o9 next door which was very tight
yeah it was awful

Oh yes! They are cool!

the convention center sucks

My friend produced music with them.
Yeah it is pretty rough.

do you have any shout-outs?

Shout out to Laura Nyro's spirit, shout out to all the cool musicians in the world, shout out to the best food, shout out to everyone.

shout out to sprouts’ pistachio muffins
alright, well to wrap things up- what can avi buffalo fans expect from you in the remainder of 2k17?

More music!



thanks for chatting with me now/during south by, it’s been very pleasant!

Yes, you as well, it was a nice time!

Photo credit to Renata Raksha