Interview with Morten Bergeton "Teloch" Iverson of Mayhem and Nidingr

Teloch: Hey what’s up fuckers.

How has the tour been with the record so far?

Teloch: It’s been more than expected actually. It’s been selling out and crowds are so fucking crazy. They’re so stoked to see this live for the first time. 

I saw you guys sold out your Portland and San Francisco shows recently. 

Teloch: Yeah, we did. One guy actually had a heart attack in San Francisco. He was so excited to see us. 

How does it feel to play such an infamous album live? How does it feel to play such an iconic set?

Teloch: For me it’s a great honor because this album is what changed my musical direction. At the time I heard this I was doing death metal so it totally changed my whole direction. It’s a very important album for me. It’s a great honor.

How is it working with Myrkur? 

Teloch: It’s cool, it’s a nice experience. I put down most the bass and guitars. It’s a nice experience, she’s a cool girl. She was very cool to work with. She was there for the whole process. 

Nidingr, the band you founded, is putting out an album this Friday (2/10/17). Can you tell us anything about that?

Teloch: This is our fourth album, and on this album we went back to the 2010 theme that we used on Wolf-Father. It's got viking and Old Norse poetic Edda. If you don't know what that is, Google it. On this album we tried to make things simpler. The whole idea was to simplify things.

Will you be going on tour with Nidingr after the De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive Tour? 

Teloch: I’m not sure, we’re still working on it. Right now, we only have a release gig in Oslo and that's it.

It's been 3 years since the release of Esoteric Warfare in 2014, are there any future plans for new music with Mayhem? 

Teloch: Yeah, we started the process. We have maybe four songs right now. We’re not sure what direction we want to go in but we’re trying out stuff. We’re aiming for 2018 but that can easily be 2020. It will come out when it comes out, when it’s ready and we think it’s good enough. But we started the process, so it’s on the way.

Have you experienced any religious backlash in the United States?

Teloch: No, none at all. Never experienced that actually. Maybe one time in Dublin with Gorgoroth, there was protest, but not with Mayhem.

You have so many other projects. Myrkur, there was one other one...

Teloch: The Konsortium, pretty cool. They started four years ago. I’m working on the new album. I dropped bass on this one, I did guitars on the previous. It’s a studio band, I’m never going to play live with them. Too much other stuff to do.

How many other projects do you have?

Teloch: I’m not sure, I have so many things just laying around on my computer that are almost finished. I have NunFuckRitual and I have another old-school death metal band called Condenado. Those are the most important ones.

With playing this infamous and lore heavy album, looking back, was there ever a moment where you were hesitant to play with Mayhem?

Teloch: I never looked back.

How do you think former members who have passed away would feel about the resurrection of the album? 

Teloch: I have no idea. I didn’t know them so I can’t say. 

Where does this tour finish up?

Teloch: Puerto Rico actually. First two gigs in New York sold out, and then Puerto Rico. First time there, so I'm excited to see what the fan base down there is like.

Do you have a favorite city you like to visit when touring?

Teloch: Actually, I really like Santa Anna, especially the venue that we played, the Observatory, is one of my favorite places to play.

Finally, do you think you could give our little radio station down in Tucson a station bump?


Fair enough! Well thanks so much for your time!


Check out Mayhem's latest release "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive," out now! Check out Nidingr's latest release "The High Heat Licks Against Heaven," out now!