Promised Land

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Promised Land is viking metal band, Valfreya's newest release which has 12 songs on it. I already like viking metal and female vocals so I was already pretty excited for this album and I really wasn't disappointed. The songs are all interesting and engaging and combine both female and male vocals to create unique songs. Some have both and some have one or the other. I really enjoyed the female vocals and loved when classical instruments were incorporated into the songs. "Peuple du nord" is a song that is entirely in French which I was excited about because I don't often listen to songs sung in French and I felt that it was a nice addition to contrast against the other more typical viking metal songs. I also really enjoyed the instrumental songs because they were quite calming. Overall, I really liked this album and would recommend it to anyone who likes viking metal or metal in general because I think it can be appreciated by most metal fans.

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1 Horizon: Nice and sweet instrumental song
7 Peuple du nord: I think it's in French so that's cool
Danielle Perry
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