Before a Human Path

Of the Sun
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Of the Sun is a Southern Progressive Metal band and Before A Human Path is their five song second album. Like most metal songs, these are on the long side except for one song and surprisingly I liked it. I usually don't enjoy really long songs but the diversity in each song kept me interested and surprised at every new sound that was integrated. The vocals vary significantly from different types of screams to melodic clean vocals. Each song sounded unique and combined different types of sounds that I wasn't expecting. The instrumetals were constantly changing which helped to keep me paying attention and didn't have the feeling of being cluttered which can sometimes happen in metal songs. Overall I enjoyed this album and the only thing that I wasn't super into was the seven minute long songs. I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for something different in terms of metal.

Sounds Like: 
Progressive Metal
Sounds Like: 
Southern Metal
Recommended Tracks: 
1 The Tighrope Mile:It's seven minutes long but it keeps your attention
2 Nebulamorphous:I really like the guitars in this song
Danielle Perry
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