My Rise

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In the mainstream of today's hip-hop market you'll come across the same names and overhyped album releases over and over again. While that can be fun, it can also get repetitive at times, and so in times like that it's always good to turn to the indie scene and check out the talent. gLife happens to be one of those great talents that you may have never heard of, but would enjoy almost immediately. My Rise is the 3rd solo album of gLife, and spins a tale of the grind it takes to put yourself out there as a indie rapper. Through a first listen of the album you can immediately catch the high production value, the tight flow, the seamless features, and the overall eerie but gritty theme. Featured rappers like Slaine on Game Changed and Adlib on Fish Fry, also provide great verses that work well with gLife's own flow.

One of my favorite things about the album is the story-telling mechanics utilized throughout. Generally I believe that skit-like tracks take away from an album's value, gLife uses snippets of audio such in as the opening track My Rise and the background of Voices to add a certain vibe and ambiance to the album. While the lyrics and raps could stand-alone and still be great, theses sounds and audio snippets bring the album together. My Rise is truly about the grind of gLife as an indie rapper and his personal journey through it all, and the album reflects his story very well. My Rise is an album you definitely want to listen through all the way in one sitting and really hear to those lyrics.

(Side note: gLife has donated part of his My Rise sales to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, so mad props to him!)

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Eminem- vocally gLife really has an Eminem vibe
Recommended Tracks: 
2. Let It Burn- great flow and featured rapper, Madchild
7. Voices- really sounds like Eminiem
8. The Feast- sounds like Odd Future/Tyler at times
Ali Shareef
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