Nu Jazz Fa Nu Daze

Lamont Arthur
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Lamont Arthur, one of Southern Arizona's gem artists, has released his first album, "NuJazzFaNuDaze". This wholesome piece revives the classically unedited jazz sound and feel. With an entirely original tracklist, Mr. Arthur has proven to be a bonified jazz producer. Tracks such as "Coolness" and "Easy as That" really showcase his ability to understand and accentuate the unique stylings of early era jazz. Although I am not personally religious, I thought that the pious themes felt authentic and compelling.I think that Mr. Arthur's work would go well with shows who are looking for stylish and amicable hits. I am entirely for supporting the local musicians in the greater Tuscon area, and I believe that Mr. Arthur is a talented musician within his genre. 

Sounds Like: 
Duke Ellington
Sounds Like: 
Art Tatum
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6. Committed to Friendship
11. It's Time
Nick Ziolkowski
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