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Conformicide is Havok's fourth album and I have never heard any of their previous albums so I can't compare it to any of their older stuff but to be quite honest I didn't really like this album. I don't really enjoy most trash metal so it's not necessarily Havok's fault but this album is just full or decently long songs which isn't something I usually like. The songs on this album ranged usually from five to seven minutes and five minutes is about when I start losing interest in almost any song. I didn't particularly enjoy the vocals on this album because they were on the high side in terms of pitch which I didn't enjoy much. And the vocals mainly included unclean vocals which I think can get boring quickly, but I did really like when chants and group vocals were thrown in. The instrumentals are pretty solid though and I enjoyed them for the most part but they weren't enough to keep me engaged in the longer songs. I personally didn't like this album but if you already know you like trash metal I would recommend you at least give this a try.

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Sounds Like: 
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10 Circling the Drain: I really enjoyed the instrumentals
8 Claiming Certainty: Just an alright song pretty much
Danielle Perry
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